65M Anchor Handling Supply Vessel-FOCAL( Available For Re-sale )
Product Introduction

    The vessel is to be all welded steel construction with twin diesel engine and twin controllable pitch propellers. The vessel’s engine room is located in the middle. The vessel’s accommodation is to be located on the forward decks. The vessel is for operation in unrestricted area and completely outfitted and equipped for following duties:

    1) transportation of deck cargo and personnel between offshore platform and shore

    2) transport various consumables – fresh water, diesel oil, bulk cement, liquid mud, drill water, brine, general materials and equipment etc.

    3) external fire-fighting

    4) offshore platform towing / pushing

    5) towing & anchor handling duties

    6) spilled oil recovery

    7) 24 hours/day continuous operation at minimum of 25 days


    Tel: +86 0591 83985091